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kaGh5_patreon_name_and_messageGeekDad has started a crowdfunding campaign at Patreon so we can take things to the next level by adding new writers, creating new podcasts, and in general bringing you even more great, geeky content. We’re trying to shift the balance from depending upon banner ads and sponsorships to relying on the folks who we’re creating content for in the first place: you!

And now we’re sweetening the deal. Two of our writers, who also happen to be accomplished (meaning widely published) authors, have ponied-up digital copies of a couple of their best work as rewards for our supporters.

If you bid at the $2.50 per month level, we’ll send you a digital copy of Matt Forbeck’s Dangerous Games: How to Play, an awesome murder mystery set at GenCon, the biggest gaming convention in the world. If you bid at the $5.00 per month level, we’ll add a copy of John Booth’s Collect All 21, his heartwarming memoir of Star Wars fandom.

So, if you’ve enjoyed GeekDad over the years, we hope you’ll consider tossing in $1/month (or more) to keep us going, and growing. We promised you it will be worthwhile!

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  1. Is there a way to donate money, but not on a monthly basis? I am happy and willing to support the site financially but not with monthly charges. Please let me know if I missed that option.

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