Geek Out!: It’s Time for Team Trivia on This Week’s Episode of TableTop

Tabletop Games

On this week’s episode of TableTop, Anne Wheaton and Bonnie Burton team up against Clare Kramer and Wil in a battle of geeky wits and trivia as they play the popular party game, Geek Out!.

Geek Out! can be a competitive and contentious game. In the base¬†version of the game, players roll a die to choose from five categories: games, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, and miscellaneous. Players then read a challenge according to the category. For instance, a fantasy challenge might be “Four Fictional Knights”. Players then challenge each other to name a higher number. “The game has sort of a reverse Name That Tune mechanic where players bid up how many examples they can come up with for that challenge,” says TableTop co-producer Boyan Radakovich. “It’s easy to be overconfident in your bid, especially when playing on a team.” The player or team that wins the bidding must then list a number of examples that correspond with the challenge and then be prepared to defend them against the other players or teams. Like I said, possibly contentious.

On this episode, Wil and friends play the game along with the new Geek Out! Pop Culture Party variant that has more mainstream categories (like TV, Movies, Music, and Literature) and challenges that give the game broader appeal. Geek Out! is one of those great games that you can play anywhere – just grab a stack of cards and you can play while driving in the car or waiting in line and while it can lead to some geeky arguments, it’s also ridiculously fun, as you can see¬†when you press play on the video, above. Play more games!


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