New Patreon Goal: The Return of Radio Free Hipster*

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*Title of the podcast may not actually be “Radio Free Hipster.”


Yes, friends, the news the world has been holding its collective breath for: the man called “Z” is throwing his mighty weight behind the GeekDad Patreon campaign, and promising that if you all help us get past the $300/month pledge level, he’ll bring the podcast that forever altered a generation back to the air as a special monthly event.

Even better, if you get the campaign past the magical $500/month level, not only will we be able to create the GeekDad Podcast Network, but “Z” will kick it up a notch, and make Radio Free Hipster* bi-weekly. We can hardly contain our glee!

Please, friends, help make the world a better place. Bring Radio Free Hipster* back by pledging your support to the GeekDads Patreon campaign.

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