Weird Al’s Mandatory Fun Hits #1

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This is what happens when geeks take over the world. As a geek who lip-synced One More Minute with my buddies at our high school cabaret show almost 30 years ago, I’m as delighted as can be. GO AL!!

Cool added info: this is the first time since 1963 that a comedy album has debuted at #1 (that last was by Allan Sherman)!

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3 thoughts on “Weird Al’s Mandatory Fun Hits #1

  1. I’ve been listening to the new songs constantly (much to my wife’s disliking) and getting a kick out of the videos. My 3 boys keep asking to watch the videos more also. Love it!

  2. I shared every video every day on FB and Twitter, and at least 3 other people re-shared my links. I’d be happy to accept the credit for this huge success.

  3. He really is a talented musician and the endurance of his career is amazing. Now that his contract is up with his record company, he can start focusing more on releasing singles instead of waiting until an entire album is ready. The future is bright for Weird Al and us too!

    (I literally can’t stop listening to Word Crimes. I think my iPod is broken….)

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