Warner Brothers Copies Disney Vault Strategy, Pulls Harry Potter From Shelves

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The Harry Potter franchise is the top grossing film series of all time, pulling in more than $12 billion, to date. But soon, all of the Harry Potter movies will disappear from store shelves faster than you can say “Evanesco.” Warner Brothers, taking a page out of Disney’s Vault spellbook, will remove all home video movies from being sold – even next month’s release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two and Harry Potter: The Complete Collection, Years 1-7. The embargo will begin on December 29 this year, but will not affect electronic sell-through or video on demand versions. There’s no word on when the titles will be available again, so if there’s a title or two you need to round out your collection, now is the time to buy.

Via Deadline.

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