The Monster Academy Rehabilitates Monsters… Or Else

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When we last left our intrepid author, Matt Forbeck, he had successfully funded six novels and was well on his way to adding another three to his to do list. Now he’s back with his final trilogy. Yep. 12 books in as many months. Insane!

Monster Academy is a young adult series about a kingdom where monsters are shuffled away to the Royal Academy for Creature Habilitation. Ruddy, an orphaned red dragon, is taken there after being rescued from the group of adventurers raising him to be their flying mount. He must learn how to become a productive member of the kingdom, or face the consequence: death.

From the Kickstarter page:

“Under the watchful eye of Mr. Mortis, the undead wizard who serves as the academy’s reluctant headmaster, Ruddy must deal with a demonic girl (Lucy), goblin quadruplets (Ay, Bee, Cee, and Dee), and an ogre bully (Krusha), as well as teachers who threaten him with punishments ranging from writing lines on a tablet all the way up to summary execution. Along the way, he makes friends with the rebellious Princess Adamant and becomes best pals with a werewolf boy (Growf), who only gets into trouble during full moons.”

I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical back in December when Matt announced his crazy project, but he’s proven himself to be a taskmaster of epic productivity. He’s been hard at work, and he’s already finished over half of the stories that have been funded. That’s some turn-around!

$25 nets you the entire trilogy in autographed ebook format. As with his previous Kickstarters, Matt has some fun upper end reward tiers where he’ll write in a character of your choice into the books or even travel to your location and do a reading.

The Monster Academy Kickstarter runs until midnight EDT on Monday, September 17th. View the details and pledge here.

[Editor’s note: Matt Forbeck is a Contributor to GeekDad. But we’d write about this anyway, because he’s nuts.]

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