MBA taken apart

Replacing the Battery in a MacBook Air

I recently wrote a year end post about products that had disappointed me in 2014, and one of the featured culprits was a 2008 vintage MacBook Air whose battery had swollen to the point it was distorting the aluminum case. Since Apple no longer sells components for this notebook — even though the battery is a consumable (thus the reason for my griping) — I was offered the choice of using the MBA only while plugged in, finding a third party battery or buying a new laptop. I bought a replacement battery from Other World Computing (OWC) and installed it, proving that the non user-replaceable battery in these things is indeed easily user replaceable. And so far, so good on the battery from OWC.

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GeekDad Review: Slate Mobile AirDesk

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to work from home for the past five years. While I have an office in the house, one of the advantages of a gig like this is the ability to set up shop anywhere if the mood strikes. If it’s a nice sunny day, I might grab a laptop and head up to the living room. Maybe sit on the porch or back patio if it’s warm enough. Or hang out in the rec room with the kids if we’re enjoying yet another “snow day” school cancellation. The problem with moving my workspace to a more casual location — like my favorite armchair — is the lack of a decent work surface.

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