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Drop That Bulky MacBook Cover for the Booq Slimsuit 13

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booq slimsuit 13
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When I moved up from the 11-inch MacBook Air to my new(ish) 13-inch MBA, I really didn’t anticipate much in the way of growing pains. However, I soon came to realize that with that increase in screen space came an equivalent decrease in storage space—at least in my work bag.

I’ve been trying to strike the right balance between bulk and safety ever since.

Obviously, I want my sweet, precious baby protected from the occasional bump or scrape, but I also want to be able t0 actually fit other things in my backpack. Recently, I found a stylish solution in the form of the Slimsuit 13 by Booq.

Unlike my previous covers that were all composed of padded fabric and clingy Velcro flaps, the Slimsuit offers protection for 13-inch MacBook Air (or Pro Retina) models in a single thin, semi-rigid package. Soft to the touch but textured to prevent slippage, the Slimsuit 13 couldn’t be easier to use. Just slide your MacBook thin-side-first into the case. Its zipperless magnetic “lips” open easily enough but close securely to keep your laptop in place.

Thicker than a sleeve but with a much smaller footprint than padded covers, it combines durability with portability to make for a compelling solution for those looking to slim down their daily carry. The only caveat? Its $40 price tag.

While that certainly puts it on the high end of more conventional sleeves, covers, and cases, the Slimsuit does boast exactly the kind of style and protection your MacBook deserves. Obviously not a necessity for at-home use, but if you routinely commute with a MacBook and want to protect it without compromising the device’s sleek design, the Booq Slimsuit 13 is the ideal product.

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