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Great Glasses From the Movies

Great Glasses From the Movies

Everyone knows that to look cool, you gotta have the right pair of glasses or shades. And some of the most iconic such specs come from the movies. Read More


The Evolution of the Geek

The Internet is such a big and wonderful place, it is easy for some cool things to slip by unnoticed. My Google+ feed recently excavated a great infographic from Flowtown depicting the evolution of Geeks, something GeekDad missed the first … Read More

More Perfectly Explained Union

Census data is pretty standard stuff. It’s useful for decision-makers but doesn’t come close to saying much about who we are, what we care about, or how we’d like others to see us. Media artist Roger Luke DuBois has found another method of measuring these variables. He created a 2010 U.S.  “census” using information from… Read More

Stereotyped By Your Email

Online identity is such a big deal that I prefer to lampoon the whole concept. I use the most ridiculous screen names possible (although when I tried to register as GrannyPanties a few weeks ago a fellow jester had taken it). Identity isn’t just linked to the names we choose, it’s also tied to the provider… Read More