Mapping Marvel Origins

Mapping Marvel Origins: Where the Superhumans Come From

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Everyone comes from somewhere, even if you have superpowers.

Following up their excellent 35 Hero Homes and 40 Villain Hideouts, Movoto’s Novelty Real Estate Blog returns with another interactive infographic that explores the origins of 75 of the most recognizable faces in the Marvel Universe. Okay, maybe a few are a little on the obscure sideā€”but that adds to the fun.

Mapping Marvel Origins Full Infographic

The graphic features two maps, one that showcases international Marvel origins and one that focuses on heroes and villains who got their starts in the United States.

Batroc the Leaper
Batroc the Leaper, not surprisingly, is from Marseille, France. And this time, he has his full complement of facial hair.

What’s surprising isn’t that so many of these super men and women come from New York City (or that Dr. Strange is actually from Philadelphia), but just how many other states are under-represented or not represented at all.

Clint Barton may be from Waverly, Iowa, but he’s a New York City boy now. You are reading Hawkeye, aren’t you? If not, you should be.

There’s also a useful character key with more details on the birthplace, citizenship, first appearance, and identity status of each featured Marvel character.

This guy’s got big plans.

Visit the Movoto Novelty Real Estate Blog for the full interactive infographic treatment of these 75 Marvel origins.

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