Follow The Doctor’s Adventures With This Nifty Timeline

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Doctor Who Timeline InfographicDoctor Who Timeline Infographic

Doctor Who Timeline Infographic from (click to see full Timeline Infographic)

If you are lost in Doctor Who, is throwing you a timeline. The Doctor Who Timeline Infographic is an overview of The Doctor’s travels from his origin and early years, through the Tom Baker golden age, past the dark time of the forgettable Fox movie, and finally into the reboot and modern era. The timeline is broken down by terrestrial time since the beginning of the show (starting in 1963), adventure numbers (currently totaling 223 individual adventures), and Doctor (11 total). This is then used to show the companions assisting the Doctor and the major foes he has encountered and then finally major events.

This thing is chock full of great information, like the fact that the first Doctor faced the Daleks more times than any other Doctor, The Fourth Doctor was in more adventures, and (not surprisingly) female companions outnumber male companions by more than 2:1.

The chart is colorful and easy to follow, although the color choices are not always entirely consistent. Donna Noble’s line is purple in the time line, but her call-out is green.

Here’s hoping they print this as a full sized wall poster!

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