SparkFun’s Free Day 2012 Is Coming January 11th!

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SparkFun Free Day LogoSparkFun Free Day Logo

SparkFun is doing it again. On January 11, 2012, they will be giving away $100 gift codes to 2,000 lucky electronics hobbyists. The prizes will be awarded randomly, and are good for 60 days. Free Day started in 2010 as a way to give back to the community (and hopefully attract new customers, inspired by GeekDad founder Chris Anderson’s book Free). Since then, it’s created a frenzy of activity throughout the geek community, as makers of all types and abilities take a chance on scoring some new Arduino, robot kits, or other goodies.

The folks at SparkFun were kind enough to get me started on Arduino with their new ProtoSnap line of products this past summer. So now that I’ve been lured in, I’ll be waiting online for the gates to open along with the rest of the in-crowd. (Personally, I’ve got my eye on some e-textiles.)

SparkFun’s Free Day 2012 starts at 9 am Mountain Standard Time and lasts until all the codes are given out (which should take only a few hours). Details (and all their products) can be found at


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