Try to Leap Over this Man of Steel Infographic in a Single Bound

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Here at GeekDad, we just can’t resist a good infographic.

We stumbled across this one from a company called, which, according to the gentleman I corresponded with, is a “personal finance/money-matters oriented website” whose “main goal is actually helping to increase the financial knowledge of American families through articles and infographics.” And they also “feature those subjects that are timely, and try to give information with a different twist.”

Hence this Man of Steel financial compendium. Just try to leap over this infographic in a single bound.

Below is their very tall, infographical take on the money-making history behind the comics and the movies. Hey, did you know that the last Christopher Reeve sequel, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, actually lost money?

Based on the returns from its opening weekend — some $129 million — it looks like Man of Steel is well on its way to saving the world, or at least, helping to save the summer box office season.

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