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Padmate releases some amazingly good and affordable earbuds with their new Pamu Z1.

I am very jaded when it comes to earbuds. I have owned a lot, tested a lot, and have thrown out a lot of would-be great hearing devices. So when I received a new set from a Chinese company that had been previously unknown to me I was very skeptical. Truth be told I was expecting something with a performance quality that I could get from a TJ MAXX or Five Below. I am here to say or perhaps hear to say that I am very happy to be wrong.

Unboxing and Setup

I chose the black and yellow combination for my earbuds as those are the colors that work best with my clothing and accessories. The Pamu Z1s come in a wide array of colors so take the time to pick out the combo that works best for you. The charging box is small and fits very comfortably in the pocket. The Pamu Z1 earbuds come with a USB-C charging port in the back of the case but the case itself can be charged wirelessly so if you have a Qi charger at home that may be a great way to keep them powered, The buds themselves are rated for about 4-6 hours of use and so far I have tested that they charge to the high end. The Pamu Z1 Earbuds in fact lasted longer than almost all of the earbuds I have owned and still own. The case itself is good for 24hrs of charging which is great for a weekend getaway when charging outlets are scarce. I was able to sync the earbuds to my Galaxy Note with no issue and without the app. I did install the app afterward to use the added features like button mapping and firmware upgrades. Once all of that was done I was ready to roll.


So here is where my true shock and awe set in. Even though all of the information on the spec sheet boasted of some truly amazing quality and features especially when put up against the Apple Air Pods and the Sony wf-1000xm3 I was abundantly skeptical. But I have to say that in terms of sound quality the Pamu Z1 Earbuds nuked my expectations. Immediately I could hear the massive sound quality pouring out of these little wonders. Tweeting highs and booming lows were heard coming from my Youtube Music Mix via the Pamu Z1 Earbuds. I was very impressed with the dynamic range they had to offer. 


  The latest version of Bluetooth 5.2. 

  Hybrid active noise cancellation, reduce noise up to 40dB

  6 Different EQ Sound Effect 

  In-App firmware update and customization of key functions

  Dual Master, simultaneous transmission of both ears

  Reliable and stable signal connection

  Comfortable and secure to wear

  Compatible with Qi-certified wireless chargers

  Gaming mode, Low latency

  Replaceable shell design, customize your exclusive color

  Water Resistance: IPX4

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Not only do I think you should get a set of Pamu Z1 Earbuds this holiday season for an amazingly low $58.65. I think you should buy a few sets just so that you can see your loved ones or friends during the holiday season go from being skeptical when they open their gifts to true believers when they hear the sound coming out of them. If that seems a little pricey you can get the Pamu Z1 Lite model for a slim $41.65. The Pamu Z1 Earbuds may be too good to pass up.

A sample of the Pamu Z1 Earbuds was made available by the manufacturer.

Thoughts expressed in this article are the authors alone and not that of the manufacturer or editorial staff.

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