GBBP 43: Andreas Deja

This week, we welcome another Disney Legend to the show. Andreas Deja was named a Legend at this year’s D23 Expo for his extensive and influential work as an animator. Named “one of the greatest animators of Disney’s modern era,” Deja had a heavy hand in many of its most famous characters.

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GeekDad Interviews Kevin Sorbo of ‘Mythica’

On March 31, debuted the first of the Mythica trilogy of films from Arrowstorm Entertainment. If you missed it, go back a couple of days and check out GeekDad’s review and an exclusive clip from Mythica: A Quest for Heroes. Actor Kevin Sorbo has stopped in to discuss his role in the series and to chat about the unavoidable pull of the fantasy genre for him, his fans, and a good chunk of our readers.

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WAE Speaker

My New Versatile and Portable Sound System from Hercules

For some time now, I’ve been looking for a portable sound system that can handle a variety of sources — my laptop, my iPad, my Windows 7 desktop PC, and even my phone. I tend to work from different locations around my house based on my mood, the weather, and/or needed tools (such as the whiteboard in my office). I’ve been putting the WAE WBT06 (Wireless Audio Experience) from Hercules to the test now for a few weeks, and it has met all my requirements plus some.

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