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GeekDad Daily Deal: Essential Guide to Entrepreneurship by Guy Kawasaki

GeekDad Daily Deal: Essential Guide to Entrepreneurship by Guy Kawasaki

Get inspired with the Essential Guide to Entrepreneurship by Guy Kawasaki: 80% off Read More


ByteLight Solves Indoor GPS Mapping Problem With LED Lighting

“We’ve taken something that’s been around since Edison and turned it into a way of transmitting information.” -Dan Ryan, CTO of ByteLight

Dan Ryan and Aaron Ganick, both Electrical Engineers, met at Boston University as undergrads. They became quick friends as they continued to bump into each other in class and around campus. Little did they know that a common childhood passion and a local science museum would play prominent roles in shaping their futures? Read More

A Start-Up Trek – Introduction

I’m starting a business. That’s a difficult thing to say out loud, much less announce to the entire internet (or at least the intelligent, sophisticated and lemony fresh corner of it that reads GeekDad). For years I’ve contemplated this fateful … Read More

The Maker Culture is Reinventing Detroit

To be sure, Detroit faces uphill challenges as it fights poverty, unemployment, and a shrinking population after the massive downsizing of the auto industry. In the media, we all see Detroit’s vast vacant factories, poor schools, and despondent people. Sadly, these stories become Detroit’s story. However, they are just some of Detroit’s stories. They do… Read More