Feature Image, Plastic Galaxy

A Long Time Ago, in a Toy Store Far, Far Away…

During my first Gen Con a few weeks back, I had such a great time… and a large part of that was being able to hang with fellow geek dads Dave Banks, John Booth, and Jonathan Liu (among others). John introduced me to a friend of his, Brian Stillman, who was also a member of our ragtag group, and over a number of nights we played many games and had dozens of interesting conversations… and one of those was about Brian’s special ‘Star Wars’ toy documentary project titled ‘Plastic Galaxy’ that was playing at Gen Con.

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Get to Know the ‘Cyber-Seniors’

A few years ago on GeekDad, I did a somewhat regular column about “Upgrading a Boomer Parent.” In these posts, I discussed the different gadgets that I personally used to get my senior-aged father familiar with new technology. I know that this is nothing new. In fact, studies show that the fastest growing segment in mobile gadget usage is the 65 and older demographic.

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11 Things to Watch Rather Than SyFy’s Aliens on the Moon “Documentary”

There are some things we encounter in the world that just make a person want to shake their head. We, at GeekDad, recently received a press release from a public relations company asking us to post an announcement about an upcoming “SYFY Event Documentary” titled “ALIENS ON THE MOON: THE TRUTH EXPOSED” because they are certain that our readers will be intrigued. As we care deeply for our readers we wish to make sure you read our announcement.

Announcement: Do not waste any of your time on the farcical waste that will premiere on the SyFy channel on July 20th titled “ALIENS ON THE MOON: THE TRUTH EXPOSED.”

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Dig Comics!

Miguel Cima wants you to dig comics. The Argentine-born, New York raised filmmaker has a passion for the comics medium, and his desire to share it resulted in a short documentary, Dig Comics, which won the “Best Documentary” award at the San Diego Comic Con Independent Film Festival and was an official selection at Cannes, Vancouver, LA New Filmmakers and a dozen other film festivals. Now Cima has announced a new Kickstarter campaign to raise at least $250,000 for a feature length documentary that will promote comic books to mainstream America.

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The original soundtrack for Dear Mr. Watterson is available online

The Music of Calvin and Hobbes Available Online

Director Joel Schroeder made sure to elicit the appropriate emotional responses from viewers of his Calvin & Hobbes documentary with a soundtrack provided by Washington, D.C. band, We Were Pirates. The original film score, now available online, can’t help but conjure images of boy Calvin romping through the woods with his tiger, or fighting evil space aliens as his alter ego Spaceman Spiff.

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