11 Things to Watch Rather Than SyFy’s Aliens on the Moon “Documentary”

(Image: Flickr User kosmolaut under CC Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0))
(Image: Flickr User kosmolaut under CC Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0))

There are some things we encounter in the world that just make a person want to shake their head. We, at GeekDad, recently received a press release from a public relations company asking us to post an announcement about an upcoming “SYFY Event Documentary” titled “ALIENS ON THE MOON: THE TRUTH EXPOSED” because they are certain that our readers will be intrigued. As we care deeply for our readers we wish to make sure you read our announcement.

Announcement: Do not waste any of your time on the farcical waste that will premiere on the SyFy channel on July 20th titled “ALIENS ON THE MOON: THE TRUTH EXPOSED.”

Let me point out the obvious. None of what you would see if you wasted your time watching this fiction will actually provide any credible evidence of extraterrestrial life. If there is ever actual evidence of extraterrestrial life you will hear about it through journalism and not as a documentary on a channel that specializes in science fiction. Additionally, if there is any legitimacy to such a discovery, it will be in a scientific journal and peer reviewed.

The term documentary is defined by Google, in this context, as:

(of a movie, a television or radio program, or photography) using pictures or interviews with people involved in real events to provide a factual record or report.

Even if the intention of this program is to present something purely for entertainment, attaching the term documentary to the program is ridiculous. I am certain there are enough weasel words used to ensure that a fraud charge would not hold up in court. However, the SyFy channel should be ashamed of itself all the same, but I am sure it is not. I hold out hope that, somewhere in the organizational chain, there are people who at least feel like sell-outs even if they don’t feel bad about those sentiments.

I have decided to not include any of the “shocking highlights” listed in the release. It is just not worth any additional attention from GeekDad. Instead, how about a few alternatives to watching this tripe?

Want a documentary on space? How about any of the IMAX movies about space exploration? I’ve been enjoying those since I was in middle school and getting ready for Space Camp. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen “The Dream Is Alive” and I still enjoy a viewing from time to time. Here are just some personal favorite IMAX space documentaries available on Amazon:

Alternatively, you might want some great space centered entertainment. Actual science fiction not trying to pose as reality. Again, some of my go to favorites:

Looking for a hybrid? There are some entertaining movies based on actual events but are dramatizations mean to be entertaining while still being somewhat grounded in what really happened:

The programs listed here are just the tip of the iceberg. There is a vast amount of actual information out there in documentary form and even more entertainment that is worth your leisure time. Don’t waste your time on the ridiculous program that will air on SyFy. I’m sure you have better things to do with your time.

Silver lining: At least they acknowledge that we landed on the Moon. For now.

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22 thoughts on “11 Things to Watch Rather Than SyFy’s Aliens on the Moon “Documentary”

  1. Although I’m sure the change from Sci-Fi to SyFy has absolutely nothing to do with this, I weep for the future. Actually I should change that to weep for the present. Season after season I really wonder why I’m paying for the “entertainment” offered on cable.

  2. Pshhh, next you’ll probably tell me that those Mermaid documentaries on Animal Planet are fakes too…

    Not sure why 80s LEGO spaceman has a modern face though.

  3. I’d also add “When We Left Earth” to the list. It’s my favorite documentary about the space program and goes from Mercury to the Shuttle.

  4. Just wanted to chime in and say it wasn’t just our resident NASA engineer but a whole lot of us on the GeekDad staff who were frustrated with Syfy on this. Is anybody listening? I doubt it. They seem intent on courting the Honey Boo Boo demographic rather than anyone who cares about science or fiction.

    1. Thanks for this article! This just dropped on Netflix. I’m watching it for entertainment purposes. People will see whatever they’re looking for in blurry pictures.

  5. The way things are going, I’m just glad it’s not airing on The History Channel.

    I think I’ll re-watch “Iron Sky”.

  6. You left out ‘The Right Stuff!’ Even before I saw the post I had that as a family movie to watch while we are jet lagged on the other side of the world. Now I am especially glad to include it. Boo SyFy, boo. Or with a nod to Erik Weks, ‘Honey Boo Boo SyFy.’

  7. WOW! Love “Top Secret, Never seen before Photo of an alien chasing an astronaut” at the top of the article.
    No wonder Bennie’s’ helmet and sanity was cracked!

  8. The question remains, what are these structures and why was NASA employing people to airbrush them out of photos? As for the documentary itself, it was quite well presented with a wide variety of views expressed. Highly recommended and far better than the usual fluff you get on the idiot box. Tune in people.

  9. Watching the end of it now – an amazing conglomeration of people seeing what they want to see in photographs, creative cherry-picking of various statements people have made, and outright BS. I cannot believe (yeh, I suppose I do) that in the 21st century people still are so easily led.

    Cherry-picking actual facts that fit your preconceived conclusion is a well worn tactic – I mean, come on people!!

    And then I recall that at least 50% of Americans don’t believe in Evolution, and a nearly similar percentage think Jesus is returning in their lifetime (or the lifetimes of their children).

    A significant (and sad) reflection on the quality of an American education – or what passes for such nowadays. They must have completely given up teaching how to think critically 🙁

  10. So yeah…I saw the mockumentary…and the first thing I asked myself was whether this would make the same sensations as mermaids and its blather. I like others thoughts. I like others opinions but to claim they are factual when you can clearly see they are not factual…just merely opinionated.

    I know if there was real factual information like this it would be released in a different format…and then made fun of on jon stewart and the colbert report. I just get grumpy at feeling like a dupe for having a brief thought that it could be real. Programs like this hurt the ideas more than help them.

    What got me though and made me decide a lot of this drivel was garbage was the video of the alien captured on film. 1. The camera being tossed about in the first few seconds of the video did not show the moons gravity. 2. I work in props for theatre and I recognize the material that horrid thing was made from.

  11. Too bad every geek is a self confessed expert every time we open our mouths…! But some of us become more openminded,from experiencing life…! Tripe,you say…? Actually no,it’s not that bad…! And any documentary dealing with “the big if’s” in life,will be seemingly bombastic in it’s argumentative tendencies ,because they are easily and wrongly percieved as claims.
    Any person smart enough to view this as:”tabloid truth”by the argumentative angle it serves by,needs to brush up on their social skills and try again. The thing of it is…: It’s really not that illogical to see why an alien race would establish themselves on the moon,were they staying here for any reason: The privacy/secrecy factor is one and all,the reasonable distance considered….! In all-The first energy law gives a lack to any brane or big bang theory,and the slit experiments proves omnipresent sentience:
    Creationism and biocentrism is a far more logical explanation when logic is perfected in an all encompassing equation…! Why then does so many here check in their objectivity at the ,simply to be allowed to follow suit…? That brings nothing new to any geeks table,only an unhealthy sort and amount of nefariously sensed and seeded self pride!

    1. “Creationism and biocentrism is a far more logical explanation when logic is perfected in an all encompassing equation…! ”

      So which magical creation myth is the truly logical one? Which mythical god is the most logical?

      Lemme guess – yours?

  12. It’s ALL TRUE!!! ALL TRUE!!! Crap, whenever I get too excited, my protective head covering falls off. And it’s not TIN FOIL, it happens to be ALUMINUM FOIL… idiots.

  13. The documentary is presented in a “dumb american mode”, it was made in a way of stuffing up your brain with curious shit. Anyway, the content can be seen as questionable, and if it was presented on a more serious way, perhaps using a British voice, you would eat it easily and digest it slowly.

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