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2015 is the 30th anniversary of the seminal time-traveling blockbuster Back to the Future. Thanks to the franchise, it’s also the year in which we had all hoped we’d be riding around on hoverboards on our way to see Jaws 19. Well, we may not have our hoverboards yet, but this year should deliver a nostalgic trip down memory lane with the upcoming documentary feature Back in Time.

The filmmakers are currently seeking a second round of funding for their nearly-completed movie through Kickstarter. After a successful first round of crowdfunding in 2013 that raked in more than $45,000, the project appears to already be well on its way toward its $50,000 goal. Why should an already-successful Kickstarter project need another campaign, you ask? Well, according to the film’s director Jason Aron, the size and scope of the film significantly increased during production. Looking at the number and quality of interviews they were able to access, it’s easy to see why: Michael J. Fox, Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale, Christopher Lloyd, and many more share their memories.

The project, which was originally solely focused on the DeLorean time machine, now explores the full impact and legacy of Back to the Future. The description from the campaign sums it up nicely:

Put simply, it’s the ultimate documentary related to the Back to the Future trilogy. It’s a film that digs deep into what these movies have meant to our culture. It’s not a simple “making of” documentary, but rather one which explores the incredible, lasting resonance of the trilogy through the eyes of cast members and crew of the films, as well as some of the ultimate fans of the trilogy.

Plus, the DeLorean Time Machine itself, of course.

While the film itself looks like it will be enjoyable, if you’re the kind of backer just in it for the rewards, those look great as well. Aside from the obligatory “thanks,” based on their pledge level, backers can receive digital or physical copies of the film, t-shirts, scale model DeLoreans, signed scripts, and even a co-producer credit. If you already supported their last Kickstarter campaign, don’t worry, you can still contribute to this one as well to enhance your swag collection.

The ultimate worry with any Kickstarter campaign is whether or not you’ll actually see a finished product. With a huge chunk of production already wrapped, the filmmakers remain confident in a 2015 release. 30th anniversary festivities for Back to the Future seem to be a huge motivator for the projected release in October 2015. Barring an “act of God,” we should be able to enjoy Back in Time in the not too distant future.

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