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Zoomer Dino, Toy of the Year, Gets Kitty Follow-Up

Zoomer Dino, Toy of the Year, Gets Kitty Follow-Up

Here’s a look at the Zoomer Dino Jester and Zoomer Kitty, follow-ups to TIA’s Toy of the Year. Read More


Relics: What’s In Your Attic?

Relics: What’s In Your Attic?

Collection. Yeah, collection…maybe even an agglomeration. Cables, electronic tethers, childhood memories, and college accomplishments were discovered when we pulled the attic plug and let the contents drain into our garage. Though we have taken select items out of the attic recently, this adventure is set to make our lives easier and find lost items. Read More

Nintendo’s Other Holiday Offerings

Though I even have to remind myself of this fact, Nintendo’s fourth quarter releases aren’t strictly limited to Zelda and Mario titles. While those games have rightly earned the lion’s share of attention from both gamers and reviewers, there are … Read More

Travel to the Land of Dinosaurs With Tales of Prehistoric Life: Ankylosaur Attack

Say that three times fast! Written by Daniel Loxton, author of the book Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came to Be–a long, detailed, and fantastic science book for children that every parent should read WITH their child–and illustrated by Loxton with Jim W.W. Smith, Tales of Prehistoric Life: Ankylosaur Attack is a visual… Read More

Science Museum Adventures

Most kids have been out of school for weeks but we’ve got until next Thursday at 11:50 before our kids are free. There’s a teacher that has it down to the hour and I think most of the kids are with her in that they are done. Done. Done. Done. Once they have their freedom, though, the next question will… Read More

Walking With Dinosaurs, Down Under

As Randall Munroe has so eloquently pointed out, our children need to understand the reality of dinosaurs. Over on Boing Boing, Cory Doctorow uncovered a video on YouTube of Australian school children being terrorized by a life-size dinosaur puppet. As … Read More