Congratulations to the Summer Play and Giveaway Winners!

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Roseart RocketRoseart Rocket

Dinos by SimsDinos by SimsCongratulations to the winners of our giveaway which started last week on July 24th. You can check out the original post here. Our three prize winners will each receive a RoseArt bundle consisting of 3D Create ‘N’ Color Wooden 3 pack of Dinosaurs as well as a large 3D Create ‘N’ Color cardboard Rocket Ship!

Our Winners are:

Joe C. of Roseville, CA.

Paul S. of Gray, GA.

Ethan W. of North Charleston, SC

Once again, thanks to RoseArt who will be blasting these prizes to our winners shortly!

Also, I hope you enjoy my Geeklets’ dino creations below.


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