Walking With Dinosaurs, Down Under

Geek Culture

As Randall Munroe has so eloquently pointed out, our children need to understand the reality of dinosaurs. Over on Boing Boing, Cory Doctorow uncovered a video on YouTube of Australian school children being terrorized by a life-size dinosaur puppet.

As exemplary as this is, those of us that are unable to avail our kids of this wonderful and visionary addendum to the New South Wales primary school curriculum will just have to improvise. Fortunately, Walking with Dinosaurs will be touring Australia from late April to June. For more information go here. Remember, we owe it to our kids. And even if the Raptorapocalpyse does not eventuate, seeing this may motivate some of them to become palaeontologists in later life. And that is a good thing in itself.

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