Lock and Load for ‘Time Crisis’ and 3 Other New Machines From Arcade1Up

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Arcade1Up, makers of home arcade machines such as NFL Blitz which I reviewed last December, are at it again: They’ve just introduced 4 new cabinets, including an Atari 50th Anniversary Deluxe Arcade Machine, a Galaga Deluxe Arcade Machine, a Street Fighter II: CE HS-5 Deluxe Arcade Machine, and a Time Crisis Deluxe Arcade Machine. The Deluxe line is a streamlined design that more closely echoes the look of classic arcade cabinets.

All these machines will be released later this year; no set date has been announced as of yet.

The Atari 50th anniversary cabinet. Image by Arcade1Up.

Atari 50th Anniversary Deluxe

While this machine will have the same 14 Atari classics as the Centipede machine I’ve previously reviewed, there’s a fantastic new addition: fifty Atari 2600 games! This will make the largest selection of games yet to appear on an Arcade1Up Deluxe machine. Not to mention, there’s the awesome artwork celebrating 50 years of Atari games. The retail price of the Atari 50th Anniversary Deluxe Arcade Machine is $499.99.

The console for the Galaga machine. Image by Arcade1Up.

Galaga Deluxe

The Galaga Deluxe Arcade Machine has not only Galaga and Galaxian, but other Bandai Namco arcade staples such as Pac-Man and Dig Dug among its 14 games. The cabinet is designed to look like the classic Galaga arcade machine, and it will also retail for $499.99.

Street Fighter II. Image by Arcade1Up.

Street Fighter II: Champion Edition Deluxe

The Street Fighter II: Champion Edition HS-5 Deluxe Machine features a cabinet inspired by the iconic Dynamo HS-5 shape. It includes 14 great Capcom games, including Street Fighter, Street Fighter II: Championship Edition, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, and more. It retails for $499.99, and will be available in the Fall.

The Time Crisis Deluxe Arcade Machine cabinet. Image by Arcade1Up.

Time Crisis Deluxe

Saving the best for last, we have the first at-home arcade experience from Bandai Namco Entertainment, Inc. Time Crisis innovated the shooter arcade category when it debuted in arcades in 1995, and now you’ll be able to play at home. The Time Crisis Deluxe Arcade Machine will retail for $749.99, and includes Time Crisis, Point Blank, Steel Gunner, and Steel Gunner 2. Features include:

  • Flush Cabinet Design Standing 70”
  • Two Guns with mechanical slide action
  • Single Action Foot Pedal (TIME CRISIS Only)
  • WiFi Leaderboards
  • Light-Up Marquee
  • 17” LCD Screen

And good news for our international readers: Arcade1Up has announced a new distribution strategy to support its growth and international business operations in Canada, Australia and European countries. As I said earlier, all of these machines will be available later this year.

Hopefully I’ll get my hands on one or two of these new machines to review for our GeekDad readers, once they become available. For more information on these and other arcade machines, head to the Arcade1Up website.




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