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Gravastar is my favorite brand for quality electronics that add a touch of awesomeness to my home. I’ve reviewed several of their speakers and today, I’m going to be giving you the 411 on the ALPHA65 Fast Wall Charger ($59.95). The charger sports 2 USB-C ports and 1 USB-A port and supports US, UK, and Europe plugs.

What Is A Fast Charger?

Fast chargers are designed to charge your electronics at a much faster rate than traditional chargers. They work by increasing the amount of power delivered to the device, allowing it to charge more quickly.

When a device is plugged into a fast charger, the charger sends a higher voltage to the battery, which allows it to charge quicker. This works because they use a special technology that regulates the flow of electricity to prevent the battery from overheating or becoming damaged.

Features of the ALPHA65

The ALPHA65 features eight safety features to keep you and your devices safe including:

  • overvoltage
  • overcurrent
  • short circuit
  • overtemperature
  • overpower
  • under voltage
  • electrostatic
  • anti-interference protection

It also sports a flame-retardant shell for safe charging.

How Well Does The ALPHA65 Work?


I haven’t been big into upgrading my current wall chargers because I’m a loyalist who sticks with the charger that comes with the device. Why bother buying an additional brick that just does it faster? I’m not a patient person but I’m ok with charging my stuff overnight.

To test the charging speed of the ALPHA65, I took a device that normally takes hours to charge. My son’s iPad 10th gen. I plugged in it in 8% and on a regular charger, it feels like charging this device takes all day (remember, I’m not patient).

In the first hour, the iPad went from 8% to nearly 50%. By the time it hit 100% it had only been plugged in for just under three hours. To say I’m no longer a loyalist to the chargers that come with my devices would be an understatement.

Looks Are Not Everything But They Are Nice

Looks are not everything, it’s what’s inside that counts…but if something is going to be in my house and on display, it better add to the aesthetic or be something worth talking about. ALPHA65 (or Cricket as we call him, yes, we named it) is something to admire. The paint job complete with apocalyptic weathering goes well with the Mars Pro speaker we have with a similar paint job (his name is Scrapper, just in case you are wondering). The movable ears and feet are a nice touch to a device that is generally designed to be boring and blend in with the background.

Once Again Gravastar Impresses

It’s no surprise to me that once again Gravastar impresses me with their tech and style. The ALPHA65 Fast Charger is reasonably priced at $59.95 (if you sign up for their newsletter right now you can get 35% off) and with three charging ports, it can replace three of your clunky chargers in style. If war damaged yellow is not your thing, check out the dawn white and war-damaged blaze blue options.

Gravastar products are available on their website, as well as in their Amazon shop.

Disclaimer: GeekDad received a review sample.

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