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This July 17th, Paizo will be releasing the PDF of their newest sourcebook for Pathfinder second edition, Rage of Elements, via their ongoing subscription service. This will be followed by the physical book and a non-subscriber PDF release in August. Paizo gave GeekDad a special sneak peek at one of the Elements covered in the book: Wood. And so here is a preview of what you can expect with the Element of Wood in the Pathfinder universe.

A look at where the Elemental Planes exist. Image by Paizo.

Pathfinder: Rage of Elements Wood Introduction

Pathfinder: Rage of Elements introduces the primordial power of the Elements to players. While most of us are familiar with the 4 classical Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, readers are introduced to 2 additional elements: Wood and Metal.

Once, all six Elemental Planes co-existed, but a conspiracy by the lords of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water resulted in the Planes of Wood and Metal becoming sealed off. Eventually, these Planes were freed, and you’ll be able to read all about that history in Pathfinder: Rage of Elements.

The Plane of Wood. Image by Paizo.

Pathfinder: Rage of Elements – The Element of Wood

The Plane of Wood is described quite extensively, giving the readers a thorough understanding of the nature of the Plane, as well as its denizens and history. There are two elemental lords that reign there, and you learn about their character, as well as the benefits they provide to their devotees.

One of the two lords of the Plane of Wood. Image by Paizo.

From there, the chapter on Wood gets into the section most of interest to casters: Wood Spells. There are cantrips and spells of multiple levels, all tied directly to Wood. “Root Reading,” a cantrip, allows the caster to sense their surroundings through the nearby plants, while the spell “Lignify” turns an opponent’s flesh to wood, slowing them.

The next section covers many different Wood Items, the majority of them magical. There is a Purifying Spoon, which automatically casts the “Cleanse Cuisine” spell on any food or drink you stir. The Sandalwood Fan allows the user to cast “Plant Speech” or “Cloud of Leaves” once per day.

A couple of the creatures from the Plane of Wood. Image by Paizo.

The final section of the Wood chapter is devoted to the various beings that inhabit that Plane. There are numerous creatures listed here that can be used by GMs in adventures set in the Plane of Wood.

That’s just a brief glance at the Element of Wood. There’s a lot more to be found in Pathfinder: Rage of Elements. Not just chapters for each of the Elements, but also class information for the Kineticist, Elemental Archetypes, Elemental Backgrounds, and much more.

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