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Everything needs a charge these days and if you end up in a jam, having a portable charger can make or break your day/night. Imagine being out on the road and your car won’t start after a quick pit stop. How about being out by yourself and your phone battery dies? Then there are the out-of-season batteries that you don’t touch all winter and when you go back to rev it up, it’s dead and you have a brink instead of a battery. Shell makes products to save you when all power seems lost.

Here are my three favorite Shell products that I keep on hand for emergencies.

SHELL Portable Charger Power Bank

Price: $29.99 (20W) and $49.99 (30W)
Purchase: Amazon

Have power, will travel! That’s the name of the game with the Shell Portable Charger and Power Bank. It comes ready with (1) USB-A1 port that charges at 12W, (1) Type-C input/output that charges at 30W, (1) micro input that quick charges at 18W, and (1) USB-A2 that quick charges at 18W.

It’s pretty lightweight for the power you get. You can fully charge your iPhone three times, your AirPods Pro more than 20 times, and an iPad Air twice before running out of power. The display will keep you up to date on how much of a charge you have left before you run out of juice. When you do run out of power, it only takes 2.5 hours to get back to 100% so you can start charging your devices again.

This is a pretty good contender for the top spot as one of my favorite portable chargers (only being beaten by the Skull Candy portable charger because the Skull Candy model is just a little bit smaller).

Shell SH916WC 1200A 12V Portable Lithium Jump Starter

Price: $94.99 (1200mAh) and $134.99 (16000mAh)
Purchase: a< href=””>Amazon
If you need a jump, having a portable jumper is the best thing to have (it’s a lot quicker than phoning a friend, trust me). I love the Shell Portable Jump Starter because it doesn’t get any easier or newbie-proof. All you do is put the right color on the right connector, start the engine, and then remove the clamps.

There are 10 safety protections built-into it including spark, reverse polarity, high-temperature, over-current, and over-voltage.

This is a multitasker because not only will it jump your car, it can also jump your electronics with the (2) UBS-5V ports and (1) Type-C port. It also has a flashlight and lighting signal in the case of an emergency.

I’ve had one in my car for months and the other day, my mom’s friend needed a jump. I wasn’t sure how much of a charge it would have just sitting in my car unused but it ended up surprising me with nearly a full charge. To make sure it doesn’t die on you when you need it, I would set a calendar reminder to check the charge once a month.

In the box you get the jump starter, jumper cables, Type-C cable, USB-A cable, and a storage case. This product also comes with a limited 2-year warranty.

Shell SBC400 4 Amp 6V and 12V Fully Automatic Smart Charger and Maintainer

Price: $29.99 (1 Amp) and $$59.99 (4 Amp)
Purchase: Amazon
Anyone who has left a battery sitting all winter knows the pain of going to use it again only for it to be dead as a doornail. With a trickle charger, you don’t have to worry about it going bad from non-use during the off season. Plug the smart charger into an AC outlet and attach it to your battery and just leave it be until you need it again. The smart charger will help maintain the battery at a safe level and saves you an expensive replacement bill. Using 11 charging stages, the smart charger will adjust once it senses the battery is full.

THE LCD screen shows you the charging rate, charging status, and what mode it’s in. If the battery is beyond repair, it will indicate it on the screen. Depending on the damage, the SBC400 can repair a damage battery and get it rev-ing like new again.

The plastic casing is built to handle lead-acid including gel AGM, and Li-ion batteries and is IP65 waterproof. No matter the weather conditions, you can feel secure keeping it plugged in to maintain your battery until you need it again. If you don’t know what voltage your battery is, don’t worry, because it will auto-detect if you have a 6V or 12V.

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