Exclusive First Look At Poison Ivy In ‘Batwheels!’

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Today, GeekDad readers have a chance to check out an exclusive clip from the upcoming Batwheels episode, “Grass is Greener” (airing on November 28th), featuring the first appearance of Poison Ivy.

Follow the team as Poison Ivy gives them a run for all the green when she decides that Gotham City is the perfect place to make a garden. Things get thorny when Poison Ivy proves she is very protective of the seedlings she’s planted. Along the way, MOE realizes there’s more to being part of the Batwheels family than burning rubber and cracking jokes as he embarks on his first field mission with Bam.

You can catch the full episode with your HBO Max subscription or for free on Cartoon Network’s website starting November 28th!

About Batwheels

Batwheels follows our newly created heroes after coming to life with the Batcomputer’s aid to fight off an intruder to the Batcave. The team includes Bam (The Batmobile), the Batwheels – Bibi (The Batgirl Cycle), Redbird (Robin’s Sports Car), (Batwing the Batwing Jet Plane), and Buff (The Bat Truck).

The Batwheels team defends Gotham City alongside Batman, Robin, and Batgirl but in secret. Not even Batman is supposed to know that our superhero cars have come to life. The trick is going to be watching to see if our heroic cars can keep their secret from Gotham’s greatest detective.

Come for the ride as these fresh-off-the-asphalt heroes get through the pains of growing as a newly formed team while also being kids themselves.

The all-star voice cast includes Ethan Hawke (as Batman), Jacob Bertrand (as Bam the Batmobile), Gina Rodriguez (as Catwoman) and Xolo Maridueña (as Snowy the Snowcrawler), among others.

You can catch full episodes of Batwheels on HBO Max, Cartoon Network, and Cartoon Network’s website (ad-supported). It’s a cute show for kids that lets you see what it would be like if the Batfamily vehicles were sentient super-powered crime-fighting vehicles with their own unique personalities.

Follow the journey of this diverse team as they thrill and entertain while demonstrating to kids the value of self-confidence, friendship, and teamwork with plenty of heart and fun along the way. Be sure to check out Cartoon Network’s schedule for more information on when new episodes drop!

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