Review – The Jurassic League #4: The Hatching

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The Jurassic League #4 variant cover, via DC Comics.

The Jurassic League #4 – Juan Gedeon/Daniel Warren Johnson, Writers; Juan Gedeon, Jon Mikel, Artists; Mike Spicer, Colorist

Ray – 8.5/10

Ray: Juan Gedeon is back on art this issue, and the quality of the story increases as a result. Sometimes you have a perfect match between character and creator, and it’s hard to see these unique dinosaur superheroes through any other creator’s vision. Jon Mikel provides an assist, but it’s hard to see where—the art is mostly seamless this issue, and the story seems to be a bit more focused as well. When we last left off, the primordial version of Black Manta had sought the help of his master—a massive egg sealed up in a cave. When when Aquanyx pursues him, he arrives just in time to see Manta be consumed by the shelled villain. This raises the prospect of an potential alliance between the heroes and the villains—as something far more dangerous is brewing. Most of the villains have been little more than sketches so far in the series, but when someone based on the Joker seems afraid, you know this isn’t an ordinary threat.

Monsters unleashed. Via DC Comics.

However, while the villain does debut in full this issue—and he’s just as ridiculous under the shell as I was hoping for—the best part of this issue is how Johnson and Gedeon have found the humanity in these giant beasts. So many of them are instantly recognizable as their superhero identities, not just in appearance but in motivation. Wonderdon has found herself in a world she doesn’t understand as she tries to convey her values. Batsaurus is driven by pain, and can’t recognize family in front of him as it forms. And Supersaur is torn between loyalty to the family that raised him and a greater duty to the world. These three all have deeply emotional storyarcs this issue, and I kind of wish the same could be said for the heroes based on Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman so far. This is a very ambitious comic, and one that doesn’t always hit the landing but delivers some incredibly fun adventures.

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