Review ‘Sword of Hyperborea # 4’- Chicago, 1952

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Sword of Hyperborea #4 Writer: Mike Mignola, Rob Williams Artist: Laurence Campbell Letterer: Clem Robins Colorist: Quinton Winter, Dave Stewart Cover Artist: Laurence Campbell

This is a four issue series following the sword that will ultimately be Hellboy’s.

We started a very long time ago, beginning in prehistoric times with Gall Dennar; then going forward to the first World War and Graf Ling de Gotham and further on, to the second World War with a diver by the last name of Olssen.

Now, the Sword of Hyperborea will appear in the hands of an up-and-coming blues musician in Chicago, 1952.

This story takes on a very famous legend about musicians: if you want fame, then you get to a crossroad at midnight, and make a deal with the devil.

Elijah Bone, One Leg, decides to give this legend a shot, but the strange voice that whispers to him has its own plans for him.

Delta blues, supernatural creatures, and a secret society that eloped Europe and landed in Chicago, overlap into this very weird and fascinating account of what happens when you do not wield a sword, quite the opposite: this is the story of when the sword wielded you.

The miniseries have ended, and if you want to understand Hellboy B.P.R.D. Volume 4 better, this is a nice side track to dwell on.
“Sword of Hyperborea # 4” is on sale since April 13, 2022.

Genre: Crime, Horror

Publication Date: April 13, 2022
Format: FC, 32 pages; Miniseries
Price: $3.99
UPC: 7 61568 00906 4 00411

Featured image by Laurence Campbell, all images belong to Dark Horse Comics

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