Review – Justice League Infinity #2: World Swap

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Justice League Infinity cover, via DC Comics.

Justice League Infinity – JM DeMatteis, James Tucker, Writers; Ethen Beavers, Artist; Nick Filardi, Colorist

Ray – 9/10

Ray: The first episode of this cartoon sequel was a good place-setter, but the second issue explodes with a high-octane storyline that still maintains a great deal of strong character work. When we last left off, Superman had disappeared right in the middle of a date with Lois Lane—only to be replaced by the ruthless Overman, son of Vandal Savage and leader of a Nazi dictatorship. And that means… yep, our Superman has found himself in a Nazi hellhole. As he’s deemed an aberrant by Brainiac’s forces, it was great to see him not succumb to his anger and work not just to protect himself, but to protect the world that has been essentially taken hostage by evil and free its citizens, even as many of them side with the villains and cheer on his attackers. Lots of painful commentary about just how easy it is to get ordinary citizens to go along with an evil regime, as well.

A twisted mirror.

Equally exciting is the confrontation between Overman and Lois Lane, as the confused and enraged villain finds himself face to face with a different version of the woman he loved and lost. Lois is always strong and tough, but watching her face off against a Kryptonian maniac with only a Kryptonite gun to defend herself is one of the best scenes she’s had in a while. She survives, but as Overman rampages across the world, it comes to another veteran hero to make a major sacrifice. J’onn J’onn’s reveal that he had been undercover under multiple identities since leaving the League was one of the best moments of the last issue, and he pays an emotional goodbye this issue after the crisis grows too big to ignore. And then there’s Amazo, the reformed android villain traveling through the multiverse—until he uncovers something that unleashes a massive new threat. Great book both for long-time fans and those just jumping on.

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