Review — ‘Chibi-Usagi: Attack of the Heebie Chibis’

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Stan Sakai (Author), Julie Fujii Sakai (Author, Artist), Emi Fujii (Colorist)

Chibi Usagi really makes the world of Usagi Yojimbo more accessible to readers of all ages, especially because of the chibi-style of this graphic novel that is chock-full of cuteness.

Here we have three friends, Chibi-Usagi, Tomoe, and Gen playing about in the riverside, represented as children.

While fishing for freshwater eels, they all rescue a Dogu, a clay creature from Japan′s prehistory. Dogu has managed to escape imprisonment by the Heebie-Chibies, demonic creatures that have huge eyes and come in an assorted set of pastel colors.

Dogu′s village is truly far away, but the three friends decide to join him in this adventure to free his people, and they are confident that they will be able to solve the mystery in time for dinner.

Now, the Heebie-Chibis are a lesser form of Yokai, and they are led by the Salamander King. With the help of his minions, this king forces the Dogu people to work in their mines.

The thing to enjoy the most here are the details, all the characters and living creatures are drawn in a chibi style, which I found very endearing.

Will the three friends truly save the day, and, most importantly, will they be able to also catch their dinner in the process?

I was curious about the difference between the terms chibi and kawaii. It turns out kawaii can be anything cute associated with Japanese culture—be it fluffy costumes, food, ornaments, or drawings—and chibi specifically refers to short and stubby animation characters that embody cuteness in a graphic style. Who would have thought, huh?

Chibi-Usagi: Attack of the Heebie Chibis hit stands June 29, 2021.

AVAILABLE: June 29, 2021
ISBN: 978-1684057900

Featured image by Stan Sakai, all images belong to IDW Comics


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