HyperX Charge Play Duo for Xbox Controllers

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The HyperX Charge Play Duo for Xbox Controllers will keep you ready for action every time you are going to play.

The HyperX Charge Play series already has some hits with the Charge Play Clutch Grip and the Charge Play Clutch, and now they are turning their sights to the Xbox with the Charge Play Duo, which can handle both Xbox One and Xbox Series brand controllers with style and power.

Avid gamers fear the dreaded low-battery indicator when they are in the middle of a quest, trying to grind out some experience points, and even the dreaded boss battle. There are only two true solutions to these problems: you can purchase a wired controller or have a well-charged battery. Over the years I (and perhaps you) have purchased many of each and I’m always looking for a better solution. The HyperX Charge Play Duo is a good answer for what you may be looking for. 

The Charge Play Duo has a compact and sturdy design that will not take up too much of your gaming space. Even with both controllers on the dock, the upright position they are in limits the amount of area the charger takes up. 

Though compact the Charge Play Duo is powerful, as it can fully charge a battery from 0% to 100% in two and a half hours. (Though the smart thing to do would be to always have that second slot full so that you can simply just swap out controllers if you run out of power!) The charge indicators are large and clear white stripes that blink when in charge mode and go solid when fully charged. 

The Charge Play Duo comes with two rechargeable batteries and four battery door compartments to allow your controller to charge easily on the dock. 

To test out the Charge Play Duo I first drained out two of my Xbox Controllers while grinding out Outlaw Pass Five on Red Dead Redemption online. I currently have over 300 hours in the game, so there was no issue draining these batteries with a day-long money grind. As HyperX promised the charger was able to spark them back into full power after a 2.5-hour charge and get me back in the game. Since I began using this charger I have never even come close to exhausting a battery, as I just dock my controller during bathroom and food breaks and occasional sleep. 

Specifications by the Manufacturer

  • Gaming platform: XboxSeries X|S and XboxOne
  • Type: Rechargeable Batteries
  • Number of controllers: 2 Xbox SeriesX/S or Xbox One Wireless Controllers
  • Charge time: 2.5 hours
  • Charging indicators: 2
  • Dimensions: Length: 131.30mm
  • Width: 119.0mm
  • Height: 80.5mm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Total weight with AC adapter: 350g
  • 2 Rechargeable Batteries Capacity: 1400mAh / 3.36 Wh
  • AC Wall Adapter Input:100-240VAC, 50/60Hz,0.4A Output: 5VDC⎓2A
  • Cable length: 2m

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

The HyperX Charge Play Duo is exactly what you need as an addition to your Xbox arsenal, especially if you are trying out a brand new Xbox Series S or Series X consoles. It is so compact you may forget it is even taking up space in your living room or computer desk. At $39.99 it is slightly above average for charging units out there, but many of those have terrible build quality or take up a lot of space. The HyperX Charge Play Duo is a charging unit that is not only fast but may outlast the life of your Xbox or PC.

A sample of the HyperX Charge Play Duo was made available by the manufacturer. Thoughts expressed in this article are the writers alone and not that of the manufacturer or editorial board.

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