HyperX ChargePlay Clutch Grip and Power Backup Review

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HyperX releases a solution for mobile gamers who want to play during those long trips without fear of the dreaded shutdown with their new HyperX ChargePlay Clutch.

Mobile gamers are in a constant war over power. There never seems to be enough when you are deep into battles on your mobile devices. More and more RPGs and other genres are taking mobile gaming beyond the usual 10 to 30-minute playtime that people use to crush candies or fend off angry birds. Recently I have even been using Steam Link to play my home gaming PC over the internet on my phone. (This is glorious BTW if you have not done it yet you must set it up. Especially if you have a beefy gaming PC.) Using Steam Link I can fritter away hours of gaming on my phone so power is a premium.

With all of that being said a backup battery is not only in order it is preferable and desired. Previously I had reviewed the Hyperx Charge Play Clutch for the Nintendo Switch. Since I began using that piece of tech it has never come off of my Switch and has become as vital as my Joycons.

I was excited to finally get a Chargeplay Clutch for my Android phone with the hopes that it would also be as crucial as my Switch version and I can say that it is…kinda.

Initial thoughts

So upon opening my Chargeplay Clutch It is not something that is going to wow you with its look or design. To be honest you have more than likely seen something in the vein of it in the past especially if you have tried different mobile grips. Serious mobile gamers looking to play Fortnite or Call of Duty on the go have used devices like the Razer Junglecat or the Ipega 9803s. What HyperX has here with the Charegeplay Clutch is focused mostly on comfort and battery life since it does not offer a controller option for your mobile device.

The flat black color scheme is basic but contemporary and fits in with all of HyperX’s other products. Construction is all plastic but feels solid and protects your device well. I was able to put my Samsung Galaxy S9 into it without removing my case which is great but keeping the case on eliminates one of the Chargeplay Clutch’s best features which is Qi charging. This meant that I have to run a USB-C to USB-C cable to charge while playing. This makes things far less streamline and now It looks like my phone is on life support. To be fair to HyperX this is my choice by not removing my case but there may be many of you out there who also do not like the idea of taking your cases on and off. One good thing is that the battery comes off very easily thanks to magnetic attachments and then can be placed on a Qi charger independently. The battery pack can be recharged and charge through Qi, Standard USB , and USB-C so you have a lot of options there. The battery offers 3000mAH of power which for most phones will double their playtime.

The Grips are large and comfortable. They feel very substantial in your hands without being bulky.


  • Comfortable controller grips for mobile
  • Qi Certified Wireless Charging
  • 3000mAh Detachable Battery Pack
  • Fits Phone Lengths of 129mm to 172mm

Final Thoughts

The HyperX Chargeplay Clutch is a basic and useful piece of tech that offers the user an extended battery life and a comfortable grip.

At $54.99 it is not what I would call a bargain. There are other products that may do a lot of what this product does and some that do a bit more.

That being said this is a quality product that is built well and may just be the solution that many of may be looking for.

A Sample of this product was made available by HyperX

The opinions in this review are that of the writer and not the manufacturer or editorial board.

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