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Detective Comics #1029 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Batman: Detective Comics #1029 – Peter J. Tomasi, Writer; Kenneth Rocafort, Artist; Daniel Brown, Colorist

Ray – 9/10

Ray: The aftermath of Joker War has been the best thing to happen to Pete Tomasi’s Detective Comics run, as he seems to excel in the new status quo of a diminished Batman and an increasingly anti-vigilante atmosphere in Gotham. This issue introduces a new antagonist known as The Mirror (no apparent relationship to the deranged Mirror from Gail Simone’s Batgirl run). This radical vigilante intends to unmask all vigilantes by force and is recruiting an army of true believers who call themselves the Gargoyle Hunters. While Nanako intends to use the law to bring vigilantes to heel, The Mirror clearly intends on more violent methods. I’m sure Nanako seems like the main suspect, but this issue made pretty clear to me they’re not one and the same. The Mirror seems like a cult leader, and that’s always a compelling take for a villain—he’s using other people’s hurt to further his own obsession.

Mirror’s mission. Via DC Comics.

This issue has a lot of great quiet moments, especially set at Wayne Manor as Bruce boxes up his family belongings and looks back at the memories he has from there—especially of Alfred. But the main meat of the story takes place at a Nanako for Mayor event on a yacht that’s crashed by modern-day pirates. Some good action courtesy of Kenneth Rocafort’s art, but the most interesting part of the issue is Nanako himself. This issue makes clear he’s incredibly scrupulous, determined to make the city a better place—and utterly dedicated to ridding the city of vigilantes with an almost biblical fervor. The competition has done a lot of stories where the public goes anti-superhero, but this seems to have more nuance to it. The ending, which brings back Damian Wayne, will give Tomasi a chance to redeem the storyline that turned Bruce’s son evil. Based on the last few issues, he may just be able to do it.

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