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Need More Battle Mats for Your ‘D&D’ games? Loke Battle Mats Have Your Back

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Big Book of Battle Mats Volume 2 and Giant Book of Battle Mats Volume 2

Because you can never have enough battle mats, the multi-award winning team at Loke Battle Mats have released two more books to add to your collection. We’ve seen the the Dungeon Books of Battle Mats and the Big Book and Giant Book of Battle Mats and now we’ve got the follow up books, with pages and pages of additional locales.

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In these books you’ll find the perfect RPG map for any adventure at your fingertips, delivered in easy to transport books. Ideal for Dungeon Masters on the go, the maps are wipe clean and themed to be customizable and reusable to suit any encounter. So if, like me, you find your D&D preparation time reducing by the day, these mats offer the perfect solution for hand drawing maps.  

battle mats

Why it works

The Big Book of Battle Mats Volume 2 and Giant Book of Battle Mats Volume 2 expand on the first books and continue to present the ideal solution for reducing game preparation time. As my kids grow up, the spare time I have at my disposal for planning my D&D games gets smaller and smaller. And less time spent planning games means more time playing games, so any method I can find to expedite the process is well worth its weight in residuum.

What’s more, these books eliminate the need to draw any maps in-game. Often my players will divert from the proposed path, or descend into an unknown dungeon that I couldn’t possibly have known they were heading for. In these instances, having a pair of books which I can quickly flip through to instantly find a cool battle mat is priceless. It also means I don’t have to confuse my players with my very poor artistic skills.

Like the previous releases from Loke Battle Mats, both books feature the standard 1-foot-square grids and are a must have tool to illustrate your game and track your dungeon combat scenes.

Here are the key features:

  • Portable, fits in your bag or on a bookshelf
  • Flexible and adaptive with a large play area
  • Can be used with any fantasy RPG
  • Presented as two modular books each with 40 map pages
  • You can create up to 24” x 24” battle map areas
  • 1-inch grid throughout
  • Fully-laminated pages for easy wipe-off of wet markers
  • Wire-bound so they lay flat
  • Linked designs on facing pages so you can use single-page or double-page

Versatile Battle Mats

The best thing about these battle mats is the versatility they bring to your game. When combined together you can create dungeons or locales that can expand in any direction. Simply add the smaller “Big Book” to any side of the “Giant Book” and your battle, or chase, can move off any way your players, or villains, see fit.   

They are also perfect for using as battle boards or scatter trays if you have any miniature terrain pieces. The 1-inch scale means they’re ideal for use with Dwarven Forge—if you’re lucky enough to have some—or similar 3-D terrain

battle mats


I really like these books and with each new release Loke is improving and expanding on their range. As a time-strapped Dungeon Master I truly believe you can never have enough time-saving resources that help reduce the preparation time. They’re also really high quality, and my players are always impressed with the designs and features included. I often have to stop them from grabbing the books while we’re playing as they flick through the pages, trying to pick out their ideal next environment. I would certainly recommend these books of Battle Maps and I’m eager to see what they come up with for Volume 3.


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