Rotating Labyrinth for D&D Lets DMs Befuddle Their Players

Reading Time: 1 minute
Image: Mind Weave RPG

If you aren’t familiar with Mind Weave RPG, you should really get on that. Need a good reason to check out this RPG site? The Rotating Labyrinth is a pinnacle of creative dungeoneering.

With seven rotating circles, DMs can help or hinder their players as they search for the treasure–or even the way out. The original layout had some flaws, so the creative genius Christopher Mathieu created a 3D representation in which he corrected the flaws and made the whole dungeon a bit smoother.

To top it off, Stuart Templeton created a walk-through using Unity, which allows players to go through the Rotating Labyrinth without the overhead map.

The collaborative work of these three units make the Rotating Labyrinth a great addition to any DM’s repertoire, and a fun challenge for any D&D game you might come across. If you are a new DM and you need some resources, remember to stretch your legs online, and fill up your mental catalogue with as many options as possible.


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