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Kickstarter Alert: Quilo Aviance Is a Next-Gen 3-Stage Air Filter, Humidifier, and Evaporative Cooler [#ad]

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I reviewed the first generation Quilo over two years ago, and was really pleased with it’s form-factor and ease-of-use. Evaporative coolers make a lot of sense in the dry warm seasons here out west, and the Quilo was the perfect combination of useful tower-fan and cooler that could be brought inside the house and used wherever you needed it. Now the Quilo folks are back with a Kickstarter campaign their next generation unit, building on that classic form factor with additional features that make it an even better home air appliance.


The Aviance takes the previous concept and form factor, and adds the power of a 3-stage air filtration system that includes HEPA-level filtering and ultraviolet sanitation. Now, your room fan can be your air purifier as well as your humidifier and evaporative cooler, all in one easy-to-move unit that you can put wherever you want in your home or office (or home office).

Quilo Aviance

Here are some of the filtration features:

Activated Carbon Pre-Filter: traps VOCs and absorbs almost any type of gas including odors. 

True HEPA Filter: Did you know that a micron is one millionth of a meter?! A true HEPA filter captures particles that are at least 0.3 microns. That includes 99.97% of allergen-causing particles, including dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores and other harmful particulates inside its ultra-fine mesh.

Together, the two filters help remove triggers for asthma attacks e.g. dry skin cells, dirt, dust, carbon monoxide, sprays etc.

  • Combats seasonal allergens, such as dust, pollen, pet odor and tobacco smoke
  •  Neutralizes smoke before it makes the place smell and causes other respiratory problems
  •  Traps dust before it has the time to settle
  •  Removes airborne bacteria that causes the family to get sick
  • Reduce chance of airborne viruses and germs from spreading in the room
  • Soothes respiratory irritation due to dry and polluted air
  •  Helps remove outside fumes and pollutants e.g. diesel exhaust particles 
  •  Helps reduce carbon dioxide levels 
  •  Helps eliminates VOCs 

The UV-C sanitizing light works in all modes and provides an added layer of purification by killing 99.9% of bacteria & viruses that pass through the unit.

What’s the Secret?
Built with Quilo’s proprietary invention – Certified with a U.S. Innovation Patent, Quilo invented the world’s first Interchangeable Filter Cartridges for Air Purification, Cooling and Humidification. Integrated with sensors that automatically activates each appliance when a cartridge is inserted, Quilo’s Smart Auto-Mode automatically detects ambient air quality, temperature and humidity conditions to adjust internal fan speed and water pump settings for a truly automated air comfort experience. Air is constantly changing with each season from spring to summer to fall to winter. It took us 3 years of engineering, but we finally achieved the high performance we wanted in a truly effective all-season appliance. 

Overall, they’ve turned the Quilo into a machine for all seasons, allowing you to improve the air in your home in a variety of ways; not just quality, but humidity, and temperature as well. The Aviance really brings all the features to bear, and replaces multiple other units, saving money as well.

The Quilo Aviance is now live on Kickstarter, and you can pick one up for yourself for as low as $219, with delivery by the end of the year!

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