Review: Synology DS216+ Makes Your Personal Cloud Professional

synology-216-featuredWhen I reviewed the Synology BeyondCloud, I quite liked it. If anything, the one issue was that it was locked to the original two 3 TB drives. This is perfect for the home user, but if you’re a power user you might feel constrained. Thankfully, Synology makes more than one device.

The DS216+ features a far more powerful chip than the BeyondCloud, and two open drive bays. I  used some store credit and chose two Western Digital Red 3 TB drives (which, ironically, are the drives that ship in the BeyondCloud). Installing the drives was simple. I chose to install them in the same mirrored configuration as my BeyondCloud, and comparative performance was like night and day. The DS216+ did everything faster than the BeyondCloud.

In fact, it did everything so well that I could forget it was there. It was a seamless swap-out and a perfect media and backup server.

The LED lights can be dimmed; a nice touch. Source:
The LED lights can be dimmed; a nice touch.

Let’s not forget the best part—the DS216+ is $50 cheaper than the BeyondCloud. Sure, that’s before the cost of drives; but if you’re anything like me you have existing hard disks laying around. That means you can make a more powerful home server, yet run the same software (with the updated version 6 of their OS), and pay less. It’s hard to make an argument against buying it.

Note: We received a free Synolog DS216+ to review. We have named it Cindy. Cin for short.

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