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GeekDad Review: ChargeTree Multi Device Charging Station

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The ChargeTree from STM Goods aims to solve the problem of having to charge multiple wireless devices simultaneously, without taking up a lot of space. The main charge pad is a vertical, 10W Qi pad that can be used with any Qi-compatible smartphone. However, a second Qi pad is much smaller and aimed at charging an AirPods case, while the third charge pad is specific to the Apple Watch (it is not officially MFi certified).

The ideal owner of the ChargeTree is an Apple fan who’s fully bought into the ecosystem.


The ChargeTree uses a stand form factor. It’s just over 5-inches tall, while the base measures about 4.5 by 3-inches. It doesn’t take up much space on a night table—less than most standalone Qi wires chargers because of the upright position of the smartphone charge station. I say upright, but it is angled slightly so the phone won’t topple over. You also have the option of charging the iPhone in landscape mode, although I was only able to verify that with the iPhone 11 and iPhone XS Max. It’s possible a larger or smaller iPhone may not be centered over the charging coil properly…

The unit is constructed of plastic. It’s a matte white that looks nice enough but can’t compete with some other premium charge bases aimed at the iPhone/Apple Watch crowd that use materials like aluminum and leather. There is an orange logo on the vertical face, but that will be covered when a smartphone is charging. The back of that vertical piece is perforated for airflow in case things get hot.

The stand is powered with a USB-C port. A USB-C to USB-A cable is provided, but you need to supply your own power adapter/charger. You’ll want to use one with a reasonable output if it’s going to be charging three devices simultaneously—the company recommends at least an 18W charger be used.

A small padded ledge on the front face supports a charging phone. It also houses three white LEDs that indicate when each of the three pads is actively charging.

There are no USB ports (other than the USB-C port for providing power), so you can’t charge devices that don’t support the Qi wireless standard.


Chargetree review
The empty pad below the Apple watch is the designated AirPods charge zone. (Photo by Brad Moon)

The ChargeTree felt stable enough with an iPhone and Apple Watch charging, however, it seems like a slightly heavier base would help prevent it from being accidental tipped over.

One of my kids has been trying it out for his iPhone 11 and Apple Watch combo, and he’s pretty happy. He leaves the devices to charge overnight, so charge speed hasn’t really come into the equation. He also likes the upright position of the charging iPhone as it’s convenient for watching video (he flipped his phone over to landscape mode). Overall, it’s a win for the amount of space it saves compared to a traditional Qi charge mat and an Apple Watch charger.

I’ve seen a few complaints online about the LED charge lights. They are larger and brighter than those use on many chargers (you can see that in the above photo), and their position on the edge of the ledge that the smartphone rests on means they can be quite visible at night. I didn’t feel it was really a big deal, but if you have trouble sleeping with background lighting you might want to position the ChargeTree so it’s pointing in a different direction.


The ChargeTree will work with any Qi-compatible smartphone, and you can also use any Qi-compatible wireless earbud case. But with its integrated Apple Watch charger, this multi-device charging station is aimed squarely at Apple users.

With an MSRP of $79.95 (it’s a little less on Amazon), this is an effective solution to charger clutter, especially if you own all three wireless charging-compatible Apple devices.

Disclosure: STM Goods provided a ChargeTree for evaluation but had no input into this review. As an Amazon Associate, I earn affiliate fees from qualifying purchases.

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