Review – Justice League Odyssey #19: Time on the Brink

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Justice League Odyssey #19 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Justice League Odyssey #19 – Dan Abnett, Writer; Cliff Richards, Artist; Rain Beredo, Colorist


Ray – 8/10

Ray: Honestly, Justice League Odyssey #19 is worth the price of purchase just for a short segment where Dex-Starr tries and fails to resist the cat instinct to knock a shiny thing off the table. That shiny thing just happens to be a cosmic time-ball containing all of recorded history, but hey, cat. It seems odd that this is the first time I can remember Dex-Starr acting like a cat, but it’s delightful and adds some much-needed levity to an epic cosmic title. The cast has been mostly split for a while, with three of the original leads converted to Darkseid’s way and now quickly hunting down Jessica and her new team. The remaining heroes are in league with the mysterious Epoch, a mad master of time who believes he can undo Darkseid’s conquest through an incredibly risky attempt to rewrite time. It’s a compelling conflict between a mad dictator and a supposedly benevolent genius who may be even worse.

Cats gonna cat. Via DC Comics.

It’s been a little too long since we’ve seen much of Darkseid’s forces, so the gang of villains moving on Epoch’s lair aren’t all that familiar besides Starfire. Much of the conflict in Justice League Odyssey #19 is driven by Jessica’s maybe-naive conviction that Cyborg is trying to help her and that the three converted heroes can still be saved.

Her teammates do not hold that conviction, and Epoch’s plans to rewrite reality and resurrect them anyway sort of makes it moot, making the battle at the end of this issue surprisingly brutal as an iconic DC hero meets a quick and brutal end. And Dex-Starr returns to his roots as a feral murder-gremlin in hilarious fashion. There’s a twist ending that is telegraphed miles away, as the out that Jessica and her allies had is threatened, and overall Cliff Richards’ art sells the cosmic action well. It’s an odd little side story in the DCU, but one that’s gotten consistently more entertaining.

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