Review – Lucifer #10: Into the Underworlds

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Lucifer #10 cover, via DC Comics.

Lucifer #10 – Dan Watters, Writer; Max Fiumara, Leomacs, Artists; Dave McCaig, Colorist


Ray – 8.5/10

Ray: After Lucifer #9’s chilling interlude by Kelley Jones, Lucifer #10 gets back to the main plot as Lucifer and Caliban continue to try to save their loved one Sycorax from a date with hell. The issue begins where it left off two months ago – in the Egyptian underworld, now a desolate wreck populated by ancient Gods who would do anything to restore their former glory. Their attempt to betray Lucifer is foiled, and he wreaks a terrible vengeance – but then bargains their way out of it, as he likes to do.

He and Caliban head on to their next destination – the afterlife of Hinduism, which is a palatial estate filled with greenery. This is a clever touch, as it seems the strength of an afterlife is determined by the number of believers. The visuals here are great, but the chaos is lurking under the surface. The Judge of the Dead, Yama, who Lucifer wants to appeal to for asylum for Sycorax, has gone missing in a mysterious inky-black ocean.

A new afterlife. Via DC Comics.

Sycorax isn’t having a much easier time of it on Earth, as she’s met up with a coven of her fellow witches for their annual Sabbath. While Mazikeen is betrayed by a band of sick beings who torture her, Sycorax engages in an ancient ritual – that’s interrupted by the arrival of a powerful archangel seeking to reclaim her early. This battle sequence is one of the best of the series, as hundreds of witches turn their power against the literal hand of god and turn him back.

But the clock is still ticking, and after a betrayal by the angry Caliban, Lucifer is left with no choice but to meet up with his former avatars and take a dive into the black unknown. It looks like next issue is going to take us to a completely new location, as Dan Watters’ chilling tour of the DC underworld continues to impress. There’s even a great Sandman reference as one of the Dreaming briefly seems to appear.

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