Review – House of Whispers #2: Welcome to the Dreaming

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House of Whispers #2 cover, credit to DC Comics.

House of Whispers #2 – Nal Hopkinson, Writer; Dominike “Domo” Stanton, Artist; John Ravuch, Colorist


Ray – 9/10

Ray: I thought it was a bit puzzling that we got two issues of The Dreaming and House of Whispers before the other two launched, but it makes a lot more sense now – these are essentially two sides of the same coin. House of Whispers is a book about a new realm of mystery and dreams essentially crash-landing into the one we know. The main characters – Erzulie and Uncle Monday – found themselves pulled out of their realm at the end of the last issue, and this issue splits the narrative between several chaotic stories that come together into a fascinating whole.

From the start, Erzulie finds that being removed from her realm has had devastating consequences – pulled away from the source of her power, she starts starving and becoming vulnerable. They soon encounter their first residents of the Dreaming – Cain and Abel, who are less than helpful. With their bickering aid, they begin to try to explore this new realm and search for a way home.

Chaos in the Dreaming. Credit to DC Comics.

Mixed in with the main narrative are a series of fascinating subplots set in the real world or Erzulie’s realm. Her worshippers wake up, find their patron gone, and begin searching for answers. They accidentally wind up summoning a trio of other Gods, who demand some surprisingly dark tributes. This segment is a little hard to follow but no less dramatic.

Where the issue also excels is in its more human stories. We catch up with Latoya and her complex blended family after the events of the last issue that put her in a coma. The doctors can’t find any answers, but she soon wakes up. There’s just one complication – she believes she’s dead, and can’t be shaken of her delusion no matter what. This series is a dark, intriguing take on a type of mythology and faith rarely seen in Western comics, and Nalo Hopkinson and Dominike Stanton are doing a great job bringing it to life. If you’re a fan of The Dreaming, you owe it to yourself to also check out this great companion comic.

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