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From now through30 Friday April 3, 2020 Apple is running a promotion where you get a 10% bonus added to your iTunes account when you directly add funds (a maximum $20 credit when you add $200). This is a great time to have a little extra iTunes cash to spend with most of us spending a lot more time at home than usual. So why not make the best of our current situation and take in a free movie or two. Here’s several ways to do it:

  • Go to the “App Store” app on any iOS device and click on your account icon in the upper right corner and then tap on the “Add Funds to Apple ID” button (by far the easiest way to do it, so start here)
  • On any iOS go into the iTunes Store app, swipe to the bottom and tap on the “Apple ID: yourappleid” button , then tap on the “View Apple ID” button, and finally tap on the “Add Funds to Apple ID” button
  • Go to iTunes on a Mac or PC, tap on the “Account” button and under the “Apple ID Account” section click on the “Add Funds to Apple ID” button
  • On your iOS device go into “Settings,” tap on your your name at the top of page, select “iTunes & App Store,” tap on the “AppleID: yourappleid” at the top of the page, tap on “View Apple ID,” and finally tap on the “Add Funds to Apple ID” button
This is what the “Add Funds to Apple ID” page looks like on your iPhone. Click on the “Other” button to add a different amount up to $200 to get your bonus. (Image by Skip Owens)

You may be asking yourself why anyone would want to add $200 to their iTunes account, especially if they have no intention of watching $200 worth of movies anytime soon. For many of us, especially those with family sharing iTunes accounts, we subscribe to several Apple Services each month. Those Apple Services will also pull funds from your Apple ID funds. So if you subscribe to a family sharing plan of Apple Music like we do, pay for a large chunk of iCloud storage and share it with your family, and subscribe to Apple Arcade it adds up. For my family it won’t take too many months to go through that $200 even if we don’t buy a single movie (which we plan to do anyway). So depending on your spending habits this 10% bonus is a no-brainer.

BONUS: If you have an Apple Card credit card and you use your Apple Card to add funds to your Apple ID you get a 3% bonus on your Apple Card. So I added $200 to my Apple ID, got a $20 bonus added to my Apple ID from the promotion and another $6 credit added to my Apple Cash card for a total bonus of $26.

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