Review – Nightwing #69: Of Two Minds

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Nightwing #69
Nightwing #69 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Nightwing #69 – Dan Jurgens, Writer; Ronan Cliquet, Artist; Nick Filardi, Colorist


Ray – 8/10

Ray: As the doors close on the Ric Grayson era, Dan Jurgens has one last adventure up his sleeve starting in Nightwing #69. It’s pretty amazing what he’s done with this status quo, tying it all into the Court of Owls mythology and closing many of the old holes in the concept.

Now Dick knows he’s been deceived, having his identity changed not by a bullet but by brainwashing. That’s led him to a castle in the Alps where he tries to track down the mysterious Dr. Haas who was behind his “Recovery”. A flashback shows Dick and Bea investigating her office via a break-in, only to find an abandoned office and the mysterious book from Dick’s childhood that was used to manipulate him. Dick now has both sets of memories, which makes for a fascinating effect as he struggles to piece his mind back together. Bea spent a little too much time in this run being a damsel in distress, but I like how she works as a backup for Dick.

Dick on the run. Via DC Comics.

Nightwing #69 really picks up as Dick fights his way through the castle and eventually battles his way to Dr. Haas. With Dick’s compassion and the false memories of a Talon, he’s more dangerous than ever. Elements like the identity crystal that Haas uses are a bit out there and don’t necessarily make total sense, but the story carries them through well. It all ends with a massive explosion and a river escape that leaves Haas’ fate uncertain and our hero headed back to Bludhaven with more questions than answers.

It’s unlikely that he’ll have much time to dwell on them, though, because the issue ends with a tie-in to Joker War. Joker’s found out about the fake Nightwings, and wants to make sure that his old battle-mate is the genuine article – even if he has to wipe out the pretenders. Now that Joker might know Dick’s true identity (if a cliffhanger is any indication), his return to this title should add lots of extra tension.

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