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Review – Nightwing #43: Team-Up With Damian and Arsenal

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Nightwing #43 Superman variant cover
Nightwing & one of his inspirations. Image via DC Comics

Nightwing #43 – Michael Moreci, Writer; Minkyu Jung, Artist; Felipe Sobreiro, Colorist


Ray – 7.5/10

Corrina: Old-School Feel


Ray: Nightwing #43 is the second of two done-in-one issues of Nightwing before Ben Percy takes over the title next month, and interestingly both of them deal with Nightwing teaming up with Damian again, after their partnership in Batman & Robin. While Lanzing and Kelly’s ninja version of The Raid was a strong, unique issue, this issue feels a bit more standard and introduces an unneeded third factor to the equation – Roy Harper. Dick is trying to take a day off and catch up with TV (and he doesn’t know what “Netflix and Chill” actually means) when he gets calls from both Damian and Roy. He shows up to battle some ninjas, and wrangle the two bickering heroes. It turns out that Cheshire and the League of Assassins are behind a plot to set off a device that will kill all of Gotham by sucking all the oxygen out of the city. A bit elaborately genocidal for a cult of evil ninjas.

This almost feels like a Spider-Man plot more than Nightwing, in some ways. The workaday hero just wants to take the day off, but gets pulled into one crisis after another and has to team up with bantering fellow heroes. His irresponsibility and desire to rush the mission complicates things, and he has to learn a lesson about responsibility while saving the day. I’m not sure it’s really a Nightwing story, though? – the character has led the Justice League and taken responsibility for all of Gotham, and he usually feels a lot more put together than he does in this issue. Still, overall the issue is fun and the dialogue is strong. Roy is maybe a bit goofier than he normally is, but Damian’s peevishness is on point. The ending has a funny twist to it, and fans of the characters will find enough to enjoy in this issue. It’s not an essential read, but it’s a fine fill-in before the new team kicks off and gets back to the big plotlines.

Nightwing #43 page 2
No days off. Image via DC Comics

Corrina: Once upon a time, superhero comics used to have more one-in-done issues, primarily because comics were purchased via spinner rack and a reader could never be guaranteed that they would be able to buy the next issue. (Unless the nice people at the newsstand or drug store or convenience store took pity on you.) The rise of the comic book stores with their ability to create pull lists and hold copies of issues allowed for more of the complicated, long-running stories. But I miss those single issue adventures.

It’s not that I like single issues stories more than continuing stories, it’s simply that I don’t see them all that often today, so to read two of them back-to-back in one series is a novelty. And a good one, for the most part. I enjoyed seeing Dick and Damian together last issue and this issue, adding in Arsenal, made me smile. Ray pointed out that Dick is not one to usually complain about being called out on duty but I figure everyone needs an off-night and it’s annoying when it’s interrupted.

The surprise here was Roy, not usually seen in Nightwing comics. And he works, too, because he’s a nice contrast to Damian and Dick. It’s an enjoyable story, overall, and it’s this kind of single-issue stories that can make new readers into long-time fans.

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