Happy WORLD Palindrome Day!

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You probably already knew that today is a Palindrome Day, but did you know just how rare this particular Palindrome Day is?

It’s 02/02/2020, which means it’s a palindrome whether or not you’re from the U.S.A. and write dates Month/Day/Year, or you’re from almost everywhere else in the world and write them the more sensible way, Day/Month/Year. Usually Palindrome Days are one or the other. In fact, before today, the last time the date was a palindrome in both formats at once was 11/11/1111, when Arabic numerals weren’t yet commonly used anywhere the Julian calendar was the standard (and the Gregorian calendar was almost 500 years away from being invented), so it’s a good bet nobody noticed.

The next World Palindrome Day will be 12/12/2121, so that’s a relatively short just-under-102 years away. After that, the next one won’t be until 03/03/3030, by which time everyone will be using Stardates, anyway.

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2 thoughts on “Happy WORLD Palindrome Day!

    1. That was a palindrome day only for a particular date format: either January 2 (for mm-dd-yyyy) or February 1 (for dd-mm-yyyy), but neither day was a “worldwide” palindrome date.

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