Radio Free Hipster Ep. 104: Decade of Dorkadence

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Before diving into the ’20s, we pause to take a look back at the twenty-teens, a decade that brought us marvelous mash-ups, nail-biting nerd-punk, and high-octane hip-hop. And also hyphens. So many hyphens.

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00:44 Adam WarRock – “Get Smart (feat. Jesse Dangerously and Beefy)” (content warning)
04:20 Talking / Sir_NutS, Stephen Kelly – “89 Is the New 19
05:37 Abader000 – “The Next Episode in the Thrift Shop” (content warning)
10:04 Illbotz – “Bot Life” (content warning)
14:13 The Doubleclicks – “Cats and Netflix
16:42 Thundering Asteroids! – “Polybius
19:07 Sir_NutS, Stephen Kelly – “89 Is the New 19”
19:55 Dethlehem – “Earthforger
24:12 ytcracker – “doomsday” (content warning)
27:49 Girl Talk – “Every Day” (content warning)
32:57 Sir_NutS, Stephen Kelly – “89 Is the New 19”
35:20 Supercommuter – “Spice (feat. Andy Fitts)

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