Great Big Beautiful Podcast: Episode 3 – Interview with Jim Zub

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Episode 3: Interview with Jim Zub

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Hello again! This week we’re in for a treat. Instead of just the two of us rambling, we’re lucky enough to have Jim Zub on the show!

As I say in my intro, if you’ve read a comic book in the last few years, chances are good you’ve probably read one of Jim’s books. He’s an incredibly prolific writer who has written for an impressive variety of books. In fact, this episode actually drops on a day that also sees the release of a mind-boggling SIX books from FOUR different publishers that Jim has written (Conan-Red Sonja, Munchkin, Samurai Jack, Skullkickers, and Wayward).

Jim is also the author of the Figment miniseries that Marvel put out in late 2014 as part of its Disney Kingdoms imprint. That story explored the backstory of Figment and Dreamfinder–beloved characters who appeared in the original incarnation of Epcot’s Journey Into Imagination attraction.

In this episode, we chat about Figment, working for Disney, creative freedom, multitasking, and getting lost at Epcot. (You might also want to check out my interview with Jim and artist Steve Cummings about their work on Wayward for Image Comics.)


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