Lucid Sound LS10p Makes High-Quality Sound Affordable

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Lucid Sound LS10p makes high-quality sound affordable for PS4 and PC users.


Gamers are always on the lookout for affordable accessories that offer decent performance for the price. Headsets are at the top of that list. Headsets have a very wide spectrum of price and quality from one dollar earbuds that are essentially a tin can and a string to high fidelity sets that run hundreds and even thousands of dollars. So when I received the Lucid Sound LS10P which clocks in at $59.99, I had a pretty good understanding of what to expect for a mid-range gaming and mobile use headset.

Initial Thoughts

The Lucid sound comes in a very unassuming box with a very unassuming weight. Initially I was a little worried about the quality of it due to what felt like budget materials and, like I previously stated, the lightness of the product. It comes in the box with a detachable boom mic and nothing else. There is no string bag for travel or extension cable for added distance. Once out of the box, the headphones are encased in ordinary brown molded cardboard. Truly the definition of no-frills packaging.

Once I removed it from the cardboard and attached the boom mic to the 3.5 mm jack on my Dual Shock Playstation 4 controller, my next concern was the quality of the audio cable installed on the headset. The 3.5mm jack cable is rather thin and is not braided, so I am keenly aware that it will have a very limited life, especially if my 8-year-old has any say in the matter.

I did like that one of the earcups was essentially a volume wheel which made it very easy to get to and control. 

There are no LEDs or any form of lighting which is fine with me, but for those of you who appreciate that aesthetic you may take that into consideration as well.

The color is a basic black with no details other than the lucid sound logo on the earcups. Like everything else about the Lucid Sound, it is very unassuming and straight forward.


Speaker Size: 50mm
Sound Space: Stereo sound
Frequency Response: 20 – 20,000 Hz


Nintendo Switch


Console Game Audio: 3.5 mm
Console Chat Audio: 3.5 mm
Mobile: 3.5 mm


Weight: 256g / 9.0oz
Ear Coupling: Over-Ear (circumaural)
Microphone: Omni-directional, removable with LED mute indicator + built-in mic

Final Thoughts and Recomendation

I must admit that after looking at the build quality of the LS10p, my expectations for the sound was quite low. I fired up Jedi: Fallen Order on my PS4 and decided to hear how the sounds of the Rebellion versus the Empire would translate on the headset. I must say I was staggered by how good they were. 

Clarity and bass were excellent and I hear no distortions even at the deepest registers and highest pings. Lightsabers and laser blasts were crisp and clear. I could hear every blast of fire coming from the startroopers who were constantly surrounding me. The dialogue was also very audible and true. 

Spatially, things were pretty flat which is fine considering that the LS110p does not claim to be 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound. That being said, there is enough depth and separation to give the user a good sense of immersion that will make the game play better than just listening from your monitor speakers. 

The real surprise with the LS10p is the outgoing audio which had my fellow gamers applauding the fact that I did not sound like I was speaking to them from the inside of a coffee can.

In total, for the very modest sum of $59.99 Lucid Sound has make an excellent headset which trades bells and whistles for audio fidelity and comfort. The headset and earcups are so light and comfortable you may forget you are wearing anything. 

My focus in game play is comfort and sound quality, so taking that into consideration with the price I would overlook the build quality worries and felt comfortable with the idea of spending $60 on the LS10p over any other headset comparatively priced. 

So, one for the budget gamer on your Secret Santa list this holiday season!

A sample of the LS10P was made available by Lucid Sound.

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