The Moxee Signal from KonnectONE, the 4G LTE mobile personal safety solution.

Moxee Signal Provides Safety via Cellular

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The Moxee Signal is a personal safety device uses a 4G LTE connection that allows the palm-sized unit to operate anywhere – without the need for a base unit connected to a landline. Each Signal device connects to a group of contacts through a dedicated smartphone application, enabling users to be more connected to loved ones and caregivers; especially important for individuals who may be especially vulnerable, such as those engaged in solo activities, aging adults, or young adults on their own.

Created by KonnectONE, a leader in mobile technology and Internet of Things (IoT) products and services, the Moxee Signal is small enough to be carried in a pocket or clipped to a belt or bag. Each device allows users to check in, send their location, and communicate the need for assistance with the press of a single button through 4G LTE and GPS location technology, ensuring a connection nearly anywhere, at any time. Battery life on the Moxee Signal is extremely robust because the applications and large screens that consume much of the power on smartphones are not part of the device.

Our mission at KonnectONE is to create high-quality and reliable products and services that keep people connected in meaningful ways. From monitoring aging parents, to knowing your teenagers are okay, to working remotely or independently, to feeling safe while out for a run at night, Moxee Signal is designed to help millions of people feel safer, stay connected to their loved ones, and get peace of mind.
— Joe Phillips, Chairman of KonnectONE

The Moxee Signal can transmit four different signals to the device’s specified recipients:

  • “Where are they?”: A location request from the Moxee App will “ping” the device to show where the Moxee Signal is on a map, the device user does not need to do anything.
  • “I’m okay.”: The user presses the button to check-in; the Signal sends the user’s location information to their contacts, providing the peace of mind that they have arrived safely.
  • “Something’s not right.”: A Yellow Alert that send contacts the user’s location, automatic audio clips to help understand the context of the alert, and the ability to chat with other contacts to determine how to handle next steps – or to let contacts know the user is safe.
  • “I need help.”: A Red Alert that includes everything from the yellow alert above, and also engage with the Moxee Professional Monitoring Service, which can dispatch emergency services as needed.

We were sent a review unit of the Moxee Signal for the purposes of this post; of course, all opinions are our own. Your own Moxee Signal is now available in T-Mobile stores across the US this week for $120 (MSRP); please visit the Moxee Signal product page (direct link) for more information, including availability and you can visit for detailed information about the device itself.

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